Hey! I’m Stephanie.

I advise + mentor filmmakers just like you, who have killer ideas and Oscar-worthy projects, but NO clue how to get them off the ground!

I help you ditch the starving artist mentality, focus on the details, get accountable, lay out a strategic plan and FINALLY create that beautiful film you’ve been sitting on . . . for months (maybe even years)!
Think of me as a personal shortcut to making your dream happen. Now.
You’re welcome.

I’m part business advisor.
Part collaborator.
Part dream champion.

Yearning to take off? I’ll help you launch. Rocket-like.
My carefully crafted packages are pretty major. If you’re ready to get a move on go here.

Curious about me? I’m mesmerized by beauty. And good eats.
I have a weakness for hot cocoa and mac & cheese (though not together).
The Goonies is my favorite movie of all time. Truth. One day I’ll have my own magazine. Oh, and I have a not-so-secret-alias. Shhh.

Ready to roll?

I Got the Goods

Ready to soar?

A virtual launchpad designed for creative solopreneurs + lifestyle brands, to get you + your business off the ground!

Ready for the spotlight?

An artist-friendly, business + marketing intensive exclusively for filmmakers who are ready to rock!

Need a pick-you up?

Inspirational fuel + wicked awesome discoveries to infuse your business with vision, beauty + purpose. It’s like that.

Love + Praise

Stephanie was able to translate my jumbled up responses and articulate them in a way that was prophetically vivid and inspiring.
Every time I get off the phone with her, I feel like I’ve gained a new wind to go out and take on the world.